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Join us for Life Sunday on January 19th or celebrate life any time in January or Mother’s Day. 

In 1973, a landmark decision in Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in the United States. On January 13, 1984, the president issued a proclamation designating January 19 as theNational Sanctity of Human Life Day.

Life Sunday is a celebration of life, honoring the preborn babies whose lives have been prematurely taken by abortion and furthering the work of saving preborn babies from abortion, giving them an opportunity to fulfill their purpose and God-given destiny here on earth.

It is a time where, we as one body, take part in honoring Life which Jesus has entrusted to all of us… born and preborn. You can do this in conjunction with baby dedications, or recognizing the preschooler ages.

Thank you for joining us in this initiative for life and becoming a Hero for the preborn.

Please contact us about how your church or group can get involved in sponsoring ultrasounds to save lives and souls.


818-843-0422 or email

Click on the graphic below to download printed materials. Thank you!

 Click here to watch and download Ayesha’s story.