How much are Avenues’ services?

Because we care about you, we do not charge anything.  All of our services are free and confidential.

Does Avenues perform or refer for abortion?

Because there are risks with abortion, Avenues does not perform or refer.  However, we do offer free and confidential pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and referral to physicians who can confirm the pregnancy and determine the length of time you have been pregnant.

Also, when making such an important decision, it’s important to get as much information as possible.  Avenues offers information on the risks and procedures of abortion, as well as alternatives.  It is your choice, whether or not to have an abortion.  For more than 14 years, we have helped clients look at all aspects of abortion so they are able to make the best decision possible.

How much does an abortion cost?

Costs vary, depending on the abortion provider.  Also, it would depend on how many weeks pregnant you are, what type of surgery you want, whether or not you have anesthesia and, if so, what type of anesthesia you require, who is performing the surgery, what insurance you have, etc.

The first step would be to have a pregnancy test.  Then, a physician should confirm the pregnancy and determine the length of time you have been pregnant.  Avenues can provide these services at no charge.

What type of services does Avenues offer and how much do they cost?

All of our services are free and confidential.  We offer:
Medical Care

Avenues Pregnancy Clinics are state-licensed medical clinics offering:
Pregnancy Tests
Ultrasound Examinations

Peer Counseling
Baby Clothing, Furnishings, Toys
Maternity Clothing
Community Referrals (Physician, Legal, Housing)
Telephone Helpline

What is Avenues’ organization all about?

Avenues Pregnancy Clinic in Glendale was established to help teens and women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancy situations.  We know that financial situations, family and peer pressure, school and/or work situations, physical, emotional or mental problems, and many other circumstances can effect a woman’s feelings when it comes to being pregnant.

Our peer-counseling program helps our clients look at the various aspects of their pregnancy situations.  As we listen to each client and help her address situations in her life, she is better able to seek information and make the best and most responsible decision for herself and for her baby.  If she has a need for more specialized help, we have referrals to those in our community who are best qualified to help her.

Because we care about each client, we offer all of our services free of charge.  We have a dedicated group of staff and volunteers whose primary purpose is to share information and care to each client in a non-judgmental, loving environment.